JARGONNANT PARTNERS has offices in Luxembourg and Munich, and has had an office in Geneva; starting April 2015 we will have a Zurich office instead. Since being founded in 1999, we have purchased over 150 assets, almost 1 million m² of usable space (commercial and residential) in central locations of Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Geneva, Vienna, Milan, etc. and have a truly exceptional track record of delivering steadily high returns. Our team has broad professional experience covering all aspects of real estate acquisition and fund management including:

  • European and US real estate
  • Asset management
  • Development and project management
  • Finance
  • Legal, tax and transaction structuring

Software sytems:
Over 15 years JARGONNANT PARTNERS has developed and continually refined Excel-based tools for in-depth evaluation of investment targets. These proprietary tools which have gained respect among our lenders and investors are very versatile providing intelligent sensitivity analyses based on multiple interdependent factors.